The nature and origin of morality: Adam Smith’s response to David Hume’s views on moral matters

Every reader of Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature (1738) and Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759/1790) will note that both authors anticipated many topics of current debates about the nature and origin of morality. We shall compare their respective views on matters of morality. Whereas the similarity of topics and even terminologies between these works by Hume and Smith is striking, their views are not quite as similar as they might first appear to be. Topics of comparison and discussion will include virtue, the evolution of morality and the role of cooperation in the raise and development of morality, the psychological foundations of morality, the interface of moral psychology and normative moral theory, and the content and justification of the principles of justice.
We shall focus on books II and III of Hume’s Treatise.
Participants are expected to do the reading assigned for each course meeting. They are expected to attend the course meetings on a regular basis.
For getting the study points, participants have to deliver two short summaries of reading material with 3 questions ahead of the meeting where this material will be discussed.
Furthermore, they have to deliver a draft of their semester paper and, of course, the final version of it.
The course will be taught in English (all the readings are in English).
The semester papers can be written either in English or in Norwegian.
On August 11 and 12, 2016, CSMN will host a workshop on the topic of this course. 
Participants are encouraged to attend this workshop – but attendance of this workshop is not a formal requirement for getting the study points.
Reading List:
Primary sources:
Hume, David (1738/2000) A Treatise of Human Nature (Norton, David F. and Norton, Mary J., eds) (Oxford: Oxford University Press).
Smith, Adam (1759/1984) The Theory of Moral Sentiments (D.D. Raphael and A.L. Macfie, eds) (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund).
Students are strongly encouraged to provide themselves with these books – I mean real books, not electronic books.
Secondary literature:
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